The ravings of a mad artist

Plot twist!

March 21st, 2014

When something goes wrong in your life, just yell “Plot twist!” and move on.

The above kinda reflects what’s going on right now. There is no need to panic. It’s just that in May I will be out of a job. So maybe a tiny bit of panic.

But there is good news to all of this. No really, there is. See the thing I learned recently is that my heart is in drawing comics and in general creative endeavors. It is not however in coding. Coding has always been something I did as a means to survive. Drawing comics is what I wanted to be doing.

The problem with coding and drawing is that they’re very hard to combine. More often than not I found myself swamped in coding work to make a living which caused any sort of drawing efforts to fall by the wayside. Any job I had I just considered a means to an end. In fact I couldn’t imagine myself living in a world where I wasn’t doing comics in one way or another.

This made me realize that it was time for a choice. That choice involves quitting programming entirely to focus entirely on drawing and illustration (and other assorted creative efforts).

Part of this is getting The House Of Madness back in color and updating consistently. Along with that I’ll be working on producing other comics. Which includes a return of No Tie Zone and Shazram¬†and various other comic projects.

Beyond that I’ll be working on cool prints, wallpapers, and other designs for your geeky needs. Most likely I’ll also be looking at the occasional freelance work in illustration and writing.

This biggest shift will be in businessname. Originally my company was called Digital Impulse which was a sort of catch all for all the stuff I did. Since I’ll be focusing exclusive on creative endeavors I’m changing the name to Cult of Bob entertainment. A name I’ve already been using to collect all my comics under.

You can of course help me if you want. Firstly by spreading the word of my comics and things I do. Secondly I’ll be adding more merchandise, print and wallpaper options to help support all of this.

So wish me luck and onwards into the unknown.

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