Right Dimension
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Last week was a bit of a mess in terms of work and planning. And I tend to create these comics on a per week basis with currently no buffer.

I also don’t like rushing out a bunch of comic just for the sake of having comics out, I’d rather take some extra time to make them better.

This trend will no doubt continue for the forseeable future in terms of some weeks not having comics. Once work stabilizes I should be able to start getting more consistent.

Given that the comic is now on a slightly more random updating schedule where I aim for once a week. It’s understandable that knowing ‘when’ there will be a comic can be tricky to keep track of. But never fear for there is social media where you can keep track of the updates as well.




New comics are automatically published when there’s an update. Also if you like a comic don’t forget to share. I may do this as a hobby, but I do aim to entertain a lot of people.