Pickup Artist
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With a new year there’s a new arbitrary point where I can make changes in how I do stuff.

This is also related to some changes that have been going on. Most notably I’m getting a lot more freelance coding projects. As a result of that I’m no longer available to commission work. Now it should be noted I’ve never really been approached for commission work, but it does mean I won’t accept new requests.

With the heavier load of freelance work the drawing will suffer a bit, but I’ll do my best to keep making comics. The Patreon account will remain up and if that grows to suitable levels I’ll be able to scale back freelance work accordingly.

To not let my programming and webdevelopment skills go waste I’ve added a new tier to my patreon account where you can get help on handling webdevelopment related things. Even fix small things for you and get discounts on quotes for larger projects. This will all help me get to a point where I can draw more.

Of course as long as that isn’t the case I’ll be taking on freelance coding projects to make a living.

There’s another comic by me live right now. You can read Kriegsfreude here.

As some might know, I’m an avid practitioner of Martial Arts. One of the arts I practice is Historical European Martial Arts. My trainer has a website called Fightschool.eu. He asked me if I’d be interested in creating a comic for it.

Given that this let’s me combine martial arts and drawing comics this seemed like a great idea. For now the comic will update once a month. This can increase the more time I can dedicate to making comics.