As noted in the last post I want to focus as much time as possible on Shazram. However, with only one update a week it’s going to take a while to really get anywhere. And my mind does keep coming up with new jokes many of which can’t go into Shazram.

The House Of Madness is a fun comic, but it has like twenty readers and there’s a fair chance I know all of them. Its ‘fun’ but I don’t feel it has any real potential of going far in terms of developing a large readership (the same goes for No Tie Zone). This is partly because of its nature and partly because of the way the internet has changed over the years.

As such I’m going to deliver daily funny in a more random manner using This started as just a random funny comic and it’s going to remain that way. With the occasional biographical humor, and other recurring jokes. Plus new stuff.

And don’t worry. The Labrats will make their appearances as well.

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