Working on comics is something I would love to do fulltime, but as it stands now none of my comics have gotten to a point where I can actually monetize them. This isn’t a complaint, it just means I need to do better on them. However this does mean I need to produce some form of income.

The challenge here is that I’m terrible within the confines of a normal job. My energy shifts as the day progresses and cramming ‘productivity’ into a single 8 hour stretch is near impossible for me. Believe I’ve tried multiple time. That doesn’t mean I can’t be productive I just have to go about it in a different way.

To this end I’m working more as a freelancer, but also want to tackle large projects with other freelancers. I’ve made a lot of really awesome and highly skilled friends over the years. Coupled with a wide array of knowledge ranging from movie making to website making and beyond. That knowledge is going to be put to use with my new/restarted business.

You can read more on the Digital Impulse website. It’s in Dutch but I may look into producing an English website as well.

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