With certain income related issues taken care of somewhat, I’ve decided to change the updating schedule of my various comics.

In the past few weeks more people have discovered my comics and an often heard comment is that they really like The House Of Madness. The same is occasionally said of No Tie Zone. As such I wanted to bring them back in a schedule that I can manage somewhat sanely.

As a result I’ve come up with the following schedule for my major comics:

Shazram will update once every sunday. This brings it back from twice a week, but the trade off is that I get to spend some more time on it.

The House Of Madness will update on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Putting it at the most popular webcomic schedule. One plan is to add more backgrounds similar to the Bar background to assist in producing the comics.

No Tie Zone will update on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This comic will also focus more on the relations between the characters with the occasional joke about IT related matters.

Nismorack will update as often as possible preferably at five days a week continuing with the random whimsy. In general the Nismorack comics take about 20 minutes to draw. This will not change as it’s sort of part of how I set that comic up.

Of course over the coming weeks I will also start to add cast pages to all these comics to make understanding them a bit easier. I will also look at created dedicated Twitter Feeds and Facebook pages so people can follow their preferred comics. The Cult of Bob page and feed will always share all created material.

I’m aware of my less than stellar track record regarding updates, but currently given the viewers my comics have I can only treat this as a hobby. A hobby I absolutely enjoy doing. The more comics I create the happier I am.

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