So after moving to a new house things with the comics got into a sort of funk. While I tried my best the spark wasn’t there and I was making comics purely for the sake of making comics. This forced to take a step back and review what and why I was doing this.

The conclusion was that I needed to take a few steps back and go in a different direction. The House Of Madness is a fun comics and it has parts that worked, but also parts that really didn’t work and made it very hard to really keep going with it. Most notable of this is the blatant self-insertion. Simply put it was going nowhere and the backlog was far too convoluted to really make sense for newcomers.

As such I’ve pretty much stopped all comics save Shazram, which has a completed story I want to tell.

What can you expect from Cult of Bob? Standalone jokes featuring all kinds of things. The rats, bob and the cultists will be the go to guys for jokes. But I won’t hesitate to draw other and new characters as needed. To start with the comic will update once a week. From there I’ll see if I can increase that. The main focus is quality comics.

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