So the massive crunchtime has passed, but I’m not entirely out of the water yet. As it is Cult of Bob or any of my comic endeavors have never made any serious money.

For now I need to focus on creating a stable financial situation for myself. And constantly having to update comics is a serious drain.

What I’m saying is, don’t count on any regular Cult of Bob comic updates. There might be the occasional joke I’ll write given topical subjects that really deserve the scrutiny of the Cultists or the Lab Rats, but beyond that I’m focusing all my time on creating a stable income through my freelance work as a developer.

The social media feeds will remain intact for all the usual updates regarding twitter and tumblr. There’s also my personal twitter and tumblr feeds where I’ll post stuff like drawings and curated content of interest. The facebook page will similarly feature curated content that is of interest and drawings.

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