Somewhere in a gordian knot of space, time, and reality there’s a bar run by a tentacle named Bob.

After several different comic experiments it was clear I needed to go with something different and somewhat new. Salvaging the parts of the old comics that worked, I created this site and comic. The Cult of Bob is updated once a week (for now) with random jokes, often surrounding characters that hang out in a peculiar bar.

Fans of The House of Madness will see a lot of familiar faces, though a lot of characters did not make the transition.

So kick back and enjoy the comic.


It’s very popular to share comics on the internet these days. That’s good. However, I do have to put down some basic ground rules when sharing my work. The work is presented as is, you may not modify or change it in anyway. This especially goes for the attribution. Failure to do means I hand you over to the labrats who will be more than happy to experiment on you.