Jun 1Omens
Jun 8Introductions
Jun 15Talks about Dinosaurs
Jun 22Solutions
Jun 29Motivational Behavior
Jul 6God’s Love
Jul 13Research Teams
Jul 20Chosen Ones
Jul 27Leaving So Soon?
Aug 3Mixed Signals
Aug 10Wrong Door
Aug 17The Martian
Aug 24Blue Hues
Aug 31Black Holes
Sep 7Lab Rat Science Facts
Sep 14Yellow Pills
Sep 21Rattus Fansicus
Sep 28Impolite Subjects
Oct 5Losing Weight
Oct 12Borrowing Cars
Oct 19Morning After
Oct 26Hit Me
Nov 2Bloody Mary
Nov 9Jurassic Rat
Nov 16Clone Forge
Nov 23Long Term Plans
Nov 30True Gentleman
Dec 7Best Left Unsaid
Dec 14Metaphors
Dec 21Family Visit


Jan 4Party Hard
Jan 11Pamphlet
Jan 18VIP Table
Jan 25Visiting New Places
Feb 8Pickup Artist
Feb 14Valentine
Feb 22Usual Identities
Feb 29Two Rats
Mar 8Extremism
Mar 23Calling in Favors
Mar 29Old Joke New Twist
Apr 1Shipping
Apr 18Gateway to Hell
Apr 20Female Puberty
Jun 6Random Encounters: Pointy
Jun 7Random Encounters: Place Names
Jun 8Random Encounters: Colors
Jun 9Random Encounters: Wisdom
Jun 10Random Encounters: Choosing
Jun 11Random Encounter: Words have meaning
Jun 12Random Encounters: Epilogue
Jun 13Accidental Summoning
Jun 14New Friends
Jun 15Cult rules
Jun 16Besties
Jun 17Wild Goose Chase
Jun 18Tread Carefully
Jun 19Mighty Challenge
Jun 26Right Dimension
Jun 27Hot Experiments
Jun 28More stories should start like this
Jun 29Watch your words
Jun 30Happy Little Accidents
Jul 1The neighbors are having complaints
Jul 2Entering Negotiations
Jul 3Best Left Unsaid
Jul 18Pop Culture
Jul 19Oh no she didn’t!
Jul 20Almighty
Jul 21Psychology 101
Jul 22He’s here!
Jul 23No one is safe
Sep 9Fifty years of Star Trek


Jan 28Advanced Tactics


Mar 24Useful Advice
May 7Definitions