Art and Suffering

So there’s a tiny muscle in my shoulder that’s giving me grief. I did do ‘some’ drawing, but basically any time I move my arm too much it’ll start hurting if I make a wrong move. This muscle is in my drawing shoulder. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure if I keep drawing the… Read more »

Freelancing Craze

I’ve been working on comics since around 2005 and I really did start with a dream of doing it full time. Never really did manage that yet. However, for the past ten years I haven’t exactly lived in a financially great state. I couldn’t complain, but I also had no financial buffer. Given that last… Read more »

The plans for the new year

With a new year there’s a new arbitrary point where I can make changes in how I do stuff. This is also related to some changes that have been going on. Most notably I’m getting a lot more freelance coding projects. As a result of that I’m no longer available to commission work. Now it… Read more »


There’s another comic by me live right now. You can read Kriegsfreude here. As some might know, I’m an avid practitioner of Martial Arts. One of the arts I practice is Historical European Martial Arts. My trainer has a website called He asked me if I’d be interested in creating a comic for it…. Read more »

Patreon and other stuff

To help build and support this comic I’ve started a Patreon campaign so you can help support my creation of it. Right now I don’t make a lot of money doing comics, I support myself through freelance work mostly in web-development. The more money I earn through making comics the more time I can dedicate… Read more »