The New and Improved Cult of Bob

So after moving to a new house things with the comics got into a sort of funk. While I tried my best the spark wasn’t there and I was making comics purely for the sake of making comics. This forced to take a step back and review what and why I was doing this. The… Read more »

State of the Cult

As you may have noticed updates are still as flaky as they get. This is because, while I’m in the new house, there’s still so much to do it’s taking a lot of time away from making comics. It also turned out that not working on comics for like a month makes you very rusty… Read more »

The New House

Me and my girlfriend recently bought a new house. This house requires some work and to make the move happen as soon as possible, I’m putting the comics on hiatus for a bit until I’m entirely done with the move. I’m not keen on doing this, but there’s also a large paying job coming up…. Read more »

Schedule Changes

With certain income related issues taken care of somewhat, I’ve decided to change the updating schedule of my various comics. In the past few weeks more people have discovered my comics and an often heard comment is that they really like The House Of Madness. The same is occasionally said of No Tie Zone. As… Read more »

Potential t-shirt design: Labrat

Making t-shirts is fun and easy to do. It’s also in the realm of making them affordable. But I sort of need a certainty to make them. If at least 10 people comment on this page saying they will buy this shirt, which will cost 22 euro (or ~30 USD) and include free worldwide shipping…. Read more »