Back in business

Working on comics is something I would love to do fulltime, but as it stands now none of my comics have gotten to a point where I can actually monetize them. This isn’t a complaint, it just means I need to do better on them. However this does mean I need to produce some form… Read more »

Delays and excuses

The latest of page of Shazram is being delayed because I thought it would be a neat idea to have an Inn in 2 points perspective with about 50 characters in it. Needless to say this is causing delays all over the place. Why do it then? Once the page is done I’ll write a… Read more »

Continuing developments

As noted in the last post I want to focus as much time as possible on Shazram. However, with only one update a week it’s going to take a while to really get anywhere. And my mind does keep coming up with new jokes many of which can’t go into Shazram. The House Of Madness… Read more »

Experiment results

Last week I started an experiment working completely on Shazram. The results are in and it was awesome. I’m currently on track to release at least a page a week, and potentially upgrade to twice a week. This is basically because I don’t have to stress over the fact that I ‘need’ to get THOM… Read more »

Running an Experiment

This week I’m going to run an experiment which will put all other comics on hold. For a full week I’m going to work on Shazram every day. My goal is to see how much I can produce in one week of dedicated work on the comic. For this I need some focus so that… Read more »